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where does one begin…….

So many things have happened, yet so few things have changed.

Or is it the other way around?

So few things have happened, yet so many things have changed.

Take your pick.

In any case, I find myself tonight trying to reacquaint myself with my dear friend Discontinuous Permafrost.

For a few months this past winter, DC and I were the best of friends, sharing ideas, observations, and experiences on an almost daily basis.  Since early March, we’ve only communicated once, a brief interlude to let everyone know I was still alive.

So, the question is, where does one pick up in such a relationship?  The silence of the past few months hangs heavily in the space between us, refusing to allow any words I might find from becoming coherent streams of thought.

Raindrops outside the window echo my silence, like my words they fall and are gone, absorbed by the mass  around us.   So small and insignificant,  here then gone, forgotten with the next available ray from the sun.

And so I write tonight, not to communicate any wit or insight into the chaos we call life, but to reach out and reestablish a contact, a friendship, an organizing element of my mind.

Without the rain the air would foul, the trees would perish, and life would end.

Without writing my mind turns upon itself, devouring clarity with each cluttered, random thought.

It is time once again to stand in the rain, to nourish the soul, to let the pen roam where it may, and bleed across the pages the vanishing thoughts of a mind ravished by discontinuous permafrost.

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