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In one of my earlier posts I laughingly suggested it couldn’t get any worse that George W. Bush.  I was mistaken.


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One of the most common things I hear from people when asked about their preference for Obama or McCain is that they are adverse to risk.  In short, the McCain we all know and love versus the Obama we don’t know but want to love.

Or, as Obama puts it “the devil you know versus the devil you don’t.

In response to a comment warning liberals of the dire consequences of electing Obama, I began to put together a list of thing Obama could screw up, only to discover George W. has already done them all, with the exception of nuclear holocaust.  But don’t worry, he isn’t out of office yet.

So here is my list, please send in additional items.  I’m interested in seeing what there is left for Obama, or McCain, to screw up if elected.

  • Allow a terrorist attack on our soil
  • Run up the national debt
  • Oversee a housing crisis
  • Corrupt Department of Justice
  • Start a war
  • Invade another country (ok, make it two)
  • Lose a war (in progress)
  • Occupy another country (permanently by all appearances)
  • Allow a natural disaster to destroy a major American city
  • Alienate the US from the rest of the world
  • Encourage unrest in the Middle East
  • Oversee oil prices reach record highs
  • Prevent US from providing any leadership in world of diminishing natural resources
  • Avoid taking any role in preventing or dealing with the effects of global warming
  • Underfund our national park system
  • Prostitute our public lands out to industry
  • Torture our enemies
  • Enshroud our government in secrecy
  • Ignore the constitution
  • Watch economy collapse
  • Take a record number of vacation days

OK, Obama or McCain might beat that last one given Bush has already completed the to-do list.

  • Nuclear holocaust

Of course, the other way to look at it is which of these candidates, Obama or McCain, is more likely to fix these items.

And we all know the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing that you have one, and it is pretty clear only one of these candidates recognizes that.

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Is anybody out there as confounded as I am with the current presidential race?  I keep seeing poll data released that shows the two candidates as reasonably close, or with “McCain making gains” in key states.

What, if anything, would endear anybody to vote for John McCain at this point?  He has issued no credible plans that reasemble any kind of departure fom the current policies of George W. Bush.

Furthermore, he has started to sound more and more incoherent, bringing him even more in alignment with the unintelligable Gerige W.  Is this a campaign stategy?  It worked for him once, twice actually.  Is McCain trying to become more like the common man?  I can recall hearing over and over how Bush was attractive to the “common man” because he spoke like them.

Do we really want a “common man” in the White House?  Don’t we want someone with a high level of intelligence running our country?  Isn’t that more important than sounding like you just left the corner bar?

Since when did it become a bad thing to have an intelligent president?

Or perhaps it is McCain’s age that has led him to his repeated gaffes.  (Gaffe will undoubtably be one of this years most overused words.)  Maybe his mind is finally starting to go.  I’ve always considered him to be a smart guy, well-spoken and focused; but that seems to be going.  Is it strategy, or is it senility?

And all this takes me back around to:  Why, in all that is great and good in this country is this still considered a race for the White House?

Obama is intelligent, he is a great orator, he has some vision of the future, he’s not George W. Bush, he has the ability to inspire.

Should we trust him?  No.  Should we trust any politician?  No.

But what we should consider about ur politicians is their intelligence and ability look ahead, something which has seriously been lacking, and their willingness to listen, be open and accountable to the public.  Since before 9-11, Bush’s administration has had a secretive, industry only access policy.  When we asked about events after 9-11, the mantra was “trust us.”

No, I don’t want to vote every 4 years and then trust a politiician.  I want to wake up everyday and take part in our democracy.  It is my right, and my responsibility as a citizen.

Perhaps it is because Obama is black?  I wonder how many people are afraid to vote for him due to that deeply buried feeling.

Anybody out there want to enlighten me?  I’m confused, and more than a little concerned.

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That’s right, Osama Bin Laden, his followers, his financial backers, the Taliban, and terrorists world wide are winning the war on terror. Not through brute force, or terrorist acts, but through the apathy of the American public.

9-11 was but a fuse, lit to ignite the explosive force of fear in America. Within the context of that fear, the government, led by the Bush Administration, has taken one misguided step after another, as if acting from a script written by none other than Bin Laden. 9-11 was but a ruse, a tragedy needed by Bin Laden not just to inflict terror on the victims, but to set the stage for an assault on a much larger target, our system of government and the constitution itself.

Leave no doubt in your mind, Bin Laden is winning on this front, aided by the insipid intrusions of the Bush Administration on personal rights and the 3-equal branches of government as laid out by our constitution.

Meanwhile, our judicial and legislative branches sit idly by, spinning on their thumbs. And this is with a President experiencing record lows in approval polls!!!!

The latest example of this President’s assault on our form of government took place on Wednesday, when George W. issued yet another signing statement declaring laws, yes-laws, unenforceable and in conflict with his duties as laid out by the constitution. (Excuse me for a moment, I’m choking.) See the article here. Read it while I catch my breath.

OK, I’m OK. George W. protecting the constitution always takes my breath away. Whew. I was starting to take myself a bit too seriously there.

Back to the subject, George W. said “…… the president’s ability to carry out his constitutional obligations to take care that the laws be faithfully executed ……”. Wouldn’t that imply that he was constitutionally required to enforce the laws he just said in a signing statement he would not enforce? In the short time period of a press conference and signing statement, George W. just admitted he was not doing his duty as required by law.

Furthermore, forgive me if it has been a while since my high school civics course, but isn’t the judicial branch supposed to decide what is, and what isn’t, constitutional? I realize George W. feels the court is in his hip pocket (after all, they elected him), but shouldn’t he at least follow the process dictated by LAW? The LAW that he is constitutionally obligated to enforce?

Where is the activism and outrage we saw when some of us protested the Iraq war? Isn’t the dismantling of the constitution, the time and trial tested document that has held the United States together through civil wars, world wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, worthy of a protest in its defense? People who protested the Iraq war were “not patriots” and they “should be thrown out of the country.” Where is the anger now? When we see our freedoms, the ones our ancestor left their homelands for, violated.

Where does the apathy of the American public come into this? We sit around, watching and waiting for the next election to roll around. If we can just make until then, we’ll be OK.

Waiting for the next election is just not good enough. Who is to say a president that ignores law will abdicate the throne? Who would have thought, eight years ago, that our country would use torture in violation of law? Or have started a war? Or had laws passed by congress that are not enacted by the President (as required by, you guessed it, LAW)? Or spy upon its own citizens without just cause? And these are just some of the things we know of.

We need to impeach George W. and his cronies for violations of law. We need to reinstall law within our national order, pushing back the influence of Bin Laden, stating to the world that our government, our Constitution, is superior to their attempts at to destroy it with terror and fear. Since our congress is ineffective in standing up for our constitution, we the people must serve as their backbone, and insist upon their action.

Only then, and only then, will we return to the high regard where other countries look to us for guidance, an regard us and our government a model of success.

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