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Last Valentine’s Day I was asked to give brief description on love and fatherhood. Below is my attempt to summarize such a complex relationship, as it occurred to me in that moment of time.

This is a story about love

A father’s love,

And betrayal,

The betrayal of time.

From the time of my daughter’s births,

I have sheltered them

Swatting away the worlds concerns,

Like mosquitoes on an Alaskan evening.

But a curious thing happened along the way,

The little girls learned to crawl,

Then to walk,

And finally to run.

And the concerns of the world

No longer held back by my embrace

Sneak in

And begin the maturation of my little girls.

And a father,

Left with empty arms,

Struggles to maintain his course,

His purpose.

Like my father before me,

Time, the betrayer

Sets up a stoic indifference

A wall between loved ones.

Unlike my father before me

I see that wall

Feel it in my soul,

Ache under its growing weight.

And resolve to tear it down,

And expose myself to the pleasure and heartache of watching them grow

Of them experiencing success and failure, elation and pain

Experiencing life.

I’m powerless to stop it,

The betrayer is beyond my grasp

But I will keep my embrace open,

I will shelter them when I can.

Provide them respite from a world

And time indifferent.


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