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One of the most common things I hear from people when asked about their preference for Obama or McCain is that they are adverse to risk.  In short, the McCain we all know and love versus the Obama we don’t know but want to love.

Or, as Obama puts it “the devil you know versus the devil you don’t.

In response to a comment warning liberals of the dire consequences of electing Obama, I began to put together a list of thing Obama could screw up, only to discover George W. has already done them all, with the exception of nuclear holocaust.  But don’t worry, he isn’t out of office yet.

So here is my list, please send in additional items.  I’m interested in seeing what there is left for Obama, or McCain, to screw up if elected.

  • Allow a terrorist attack on our soil
  • Run up the national debt
  • Oversee a housing crisis
  • Corrupt Department of Justice
  • Start a war
  • Invade another country (ok, make it two)
  • Lose a war (in progress)
  • Occupy another country (permanently by all appearances)
  • Allow a natural disaster to destroy a major American city
  • Alienate the US from the rest of the world
  • Encourage unrest in the Middle East
  • Oversee oil prices reach record highs
  • Prevent US from providing any leadership in world of diminishing natural resources
  • Avoid taking any role in preventing or dealing with the effects of global warming
  • Underfund our national park system
  • Prostitute our public lands out to industry
  • Torture our enemies
  • Enshroud our government in secrecy
  • Ignore the constitution
  • Watch economy collapse
  • Take a record number of vacation days

OK, Obama or McCain might beat that last one given Bush has already completed the to-do list.

  • Nuclear holocaust

Of course, the other way to look at it is which of these candidates, Obama or McCain, is more likely to fix these items.

And we all know the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing that you have one, and it is pretty clear only one of these candidates recognizes that.


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Is anybody out there as confounded as I am with the current presidential race?  I keep seeing poll data released that shows the two candidates as reasonably close, or with “McCain making gains” in key states.

What, if anything, would endear anybody to vote for John McCain at this point?  He has issued no credible plans that reasemble any kind of departure fom the current policies of George W. Bush.

Furthermore, he has started to sound more and more incoherent, bringing him even more in alignment with the unintelligable Gerige W.  Is this a campaign stategy?  It worked for him once, twice actually.  Is McCain trying to become more like the common man?  I can recall hearing over and over how Bush was attractive to the “common man” because he spoke like them.

Do we really want a “common man” in the White House?  Don’t we want someone with a high level of intelligence running our country?  Isn’t that more important than sounding like you just left the corner bar?

Since when did it become a bad thing to have an intelligent president?

Or perhaps it is McCain’s age that has led him to his repeated gaffes.  (Gaffe will undoubtably be one of this years most overused words.)  Maybe his mind is finally starting to go.  I’ve always considered him to be a smart guy, well-spoken and focused; but that seems to be going.  Is it strategy, or is it senility?

And all this takes me back around to:  Why, in all that is great and good in this country is this still considered a race for the White House?

Obama is intelligent, he is a great orator, he has some vision of the future, he’s not George W. Bush, he has the ability to inspire.

Should we trust him?  No.  Should we trust any politician?  No.

But what we should consider about ur politicians is their intelligence and ability look ahead, something which has seriously been lacking, and their willingness to listen, be open and accountable to the public.  Since before 9-11, Bush’s administration has had a secretive, industry only access policy.  When we asked about events after 9-11, the mantra was “trust us.”

No, I don’t want to vote every 4 years and then trust a politiician.  I want to wake up everyday and take part in our democracy.  It is my right, and my responsibility as a citizen.

Perhaps it is because Obama is black?  I wonder how many people are afraid to vote for him due to that deeply buried feeling.

Anybody out there want to enlighten me?  I’m confused, and more than a little concerned.

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Jane’s parents were here from the middle of November through December.  During that time, Jim (my father-in-law) and I got to banter delicately around politics, as we’ve always done.  His position is typically pro-business, Republican, etc. and so on.  Mine is somewhere left of that.

This trip, however, proved to be the first time I have ever seen Jim shift to the left.

We had an old saying in our house growing up, “Ride the fence too long and eventually you are going to end up with a sore crotch.”  Well, apparently our kitchen faucet rode the fence too long, because its crotch is worn out.  Once more, in English; it drips, and has since we moved into this house a little over a year ago.

To keep it from dripping, I have been keeping the handle a little to the right when it is off, which slows but not quite stops the leak.

When Jim got here, he became offended by said faucet and discovered that by moving the handle to the left it completely stops the dripping.  I take this as proof positive that even Jim is moving to the left (though technically that put him into hot water).

Of course, from the faucet’s viewpoint, things would be exactly opposite, but then again who puts any merit into what a faucet thinks anyways.

Other signs that Jim is moving left; he gets in the left car door (when he drives), he left to go home to Oklahoma, he left me without another adult to go to UAF hockey games with, and left me with three girls that miss him very much, as do I.

Coupled with Obama’s win in the Iowa caucus, things are looking up!

(P.S. Thanks for fixing the faucet, Jim.)

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